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extending our friendship to you

The Ionian Passion

Our gods may have been cast from their temples, yet their souls live on for eternity.

As proud Greek artists and citizens, we are constantly defying all adversity and being ourselves in a world that is trying to make us something we are not remains our greatest accomplishment.

Find the beauty and soul of the Ionian Sea within our handmade treasures, where each item hides its own story awaiting for someone like you to discover.

Real pieces by real artists, this is our story & this is our life!

We take pride in our artistic skills one piece at a time, because to us it’s personal.
Each item is passionately created with the spirit and mystery of the Ionian Sea.
The quality of our items are showcased across countless settings worldwide.
Each item is unique and comes personally certified and signed by the artist.

What We Do

We create unique pieces of art where no two are ever alike, making them timeless.

Our artworks extend beyond what our hands create but what our Ionian hearts desire. In our part of the world, the hand can never execute anything higher than what the heart and mind can imagine. This is why our artistic creations are filled with passion and soul. Welcome to the world of Ionian Art.


Special Customized Projects


Welcome to Ionian Art

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